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Thread: Clen......

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    Question Clen......

    I was gonna take primo by itself but it sooo hard to get a hold of where i live......sooo i have a couple of friends who took clen by itself jus to get ripped and not to bulk or anything like that and thats what i am after .....i jus want to get ripped i am not worried to much about the bulk.....and i was thinking about doin a 8 week cycle of clen becuase i can for sure get ahold of that with no problem ......i was just wanting some insight about it from the people on this forum ........

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    if your diet and cardio is in check, clen can do wonders, but some people respond well to it and some dont, you might be better off with eca, you dont gotta do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (pending you might have some ketotifen with your clen) and for the most part they yield similar if not better results with eca...good luck hope this helps a bit.

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