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    Anyone Noticing More Domestic Or International Busts???

    and no I am not refering to BIG TITS...

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    Yeah with the recent "G" and "K" sweeps ALOT of good bro's went down.....most of the busts are almost entirely related to the source selling rec's. So any salesmen out there, ditch that shit, or atleast keep it off the freaking AS lists you have b/c you are gonna fuck it up for alot of people.

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    agreed, lots of "k" busts...fuckin shame regardless, i like rec drugs, and i like aas, im of the opinion i should be able to put whatever i want into my body, but i guess uncle sam disagrees...ive seen a few remailers stop all together and removed ''k'' form their everything is all too real unfortunately...everyone needs to be careful and take proper precautions...

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