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    Short Cycle Theory

    I am wondering if ANYONE out there has tried the short cycle approach to using AAS? If so, I want to hear from you and what your experiences have been. I know Kaz on this board has had success running d-bol for short cyles. Who else has run short cycles/low dosages successfully and what products did you use and for what dosages and how long? What were your gains? What did you learn?

    From my research, it seems that some people out there adovacte using a 2 week on/4week off approach and sticking to short half-life drugs and only using those drugs in the morning hours to prevent natural test shut down. Some say go with 4 weeks max. There was a great post on this board here on short cycles that came from Anabolic Extreme that made me start to think seriously about this approach as a safe/sane method to growing and using roids.

    I am especially intrigued about this approach since it appears you can still make small, yet keepable gains without messing up your body with massive side effects. Over time, the small gains will add up and you will get a nice looking physique without the horrors of taking lots of ancillary drugs, dealing with many negative side effects, etc. This just seems to make more sensible approach to me.

    I think this approach would be also invaluable for us older guys (35+) who are not trying to become Mr Olympia but just want to add some more lean mass (without hair loss, water bloat and fat) so we can continute to look good as we age.

    Looking forward to all and any replies!!

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    This does sound very interesting, I was reading a thread on it myself, and it does sound like a great way to cycle. But I think Im gonna hit at least 2 more conventional cycles before I give these short cycles a try. Im still young, so I got time for safer cycle later.

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    I run predominately short cycles, no more than 6 weeks weeks tops now.....I am a huge fan of short acting esters and I find that after about 4-5 weeks is when I start to get noticeable sides such as acne testicular atrophy irritability etc. Personally I think 2 weeks is a little on the short side to see much of a visible difference but what I do is play it by ear. As long as things are going good then I will stay on a bit longer....if things start to get ugly, then I finish out the week and start on the clomid.

    My personal favorite combo's are prop fina and winny or dbol . You are pretty limited in what you can use....well any oral would be okay but as far as the other'd have to stick to Test susp, prop, tren acetate (or no ester if you can find it), any of the 17aa drugs (winny, dbol, drol, var etc)...NO EQ (unless you get an esterless version) and Same goes for nandrolone (deca ) unless you get either nandrolone phenylpropinate amps or you find a nandrolone base (no ester). The problem with the no ester drugs is that you would have to make them on your own b/c no liscensed companies make them.....there is one maker of no ester eq at the moment but I would use his products any more, but that is just my opinion.

    As far as gains.....I react pretty good to test and fina as do most people....I have gotten as much as 17lbs in the first 2 weeks of a cycle (bulking though and at about 7k cals a day, IE everything in site). Typical though with slightly above maintenance cals I will put on around 5-10lbs....I am just finishing week 3 of my current cycle and I am up about 13 lbs I believe and bf is down maybe 1% from where I started (the bf is a guess though b/c I did not get it measured prior to starting).

    Oh also until a GOOD esterless eq product comes out I will run one 10-12 week cycle per year just so I can use eq.....follow with 4 weeks off adn then continue the 2-4 on/3-4 off routine for the rest of the year.

    Any other specific questions, feel free to ask.

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    I'm running a 6 month growth cycle, but I haven't planned out what to do then. This short cycle thing looks prety good. I just wanted to thank the bro's who have responded. You've got me thinking about this one.

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    yah ive been seing quite a bit about short cycles lately, interesting...i remember a few months ago people were advocating longer cycles (20week, 40week, year long etc...)...personally i like the traditional 12-15 week bulking cycles then same ammount off, but these longer and shorter extremes provoke interest...

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    I have ran two d-bol only cycles after a shoulder surgery. One in which i gained 17lbs, maintaining 15lbs, the other i gained 23lbs, and 5 more lbs immediately after i was off cycle. Keep in mind my bodyweight had dropped alot tho. It is not like i was at my peak weight and gained all this...shit i wish

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    yeah i've been doing a ton of research on this topic... go to elite and check out a post on 2 week cycles by "realgains"... it will tell you everything you need to know. I have not yet done a 2 week cycle but am planning to in january.

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