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    Migraine. Could anadrol50 be the cause?

    I started taking A bombs on Tuesday/Thursday a week ago. Have only had 200 mg total(aside from other gear). While I was doing hang cleans I got a severe pain in the back of my head, occipital region. It was so bad I had to leave the gym. The next day I developed a migraine. I have never had one before. After a night of codiene I was better, but I'm not sure if I should continue taking A bombs. I haven't taken one since I got the migraine, and I wanted to ask if the A bombs could be the cause. Thanks
    Tony J

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    keep taking them for a day, if they persist stop, if the migraine ceases then that'll tell you if it the culprit or not...i had real bad headaches from russian and thai dbol , but now im taking mexican dbol (loeffler) and im fine...may be some type of additive in the anadrol that your taking, good luck and i hope things get better, headaches are a pain in the ass!

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