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    Question 2nd Cycle Want SAFE Ideas!

    I finished my first cycle this spring! It consisted of Deca on weeks 1 to 8 and Winny on weeks 2 to 8 and Clomid to finish it all off. My results were great!!! I gain about 20 pounds and kept all of it!!!!! I had some problems mentally coming out of the cycle but nothing that didn't go away after a couple of weeks.
    Now I'm ready for a second cycle! I would like some ideas as to what I should use? Can I go with a Deca/Winny cycle again? The main thing I am looking for is something SAFE!!! ie. NO gyno, hairloss, liver or kidney damage!
    Any and all ideas would be great!! I am 6'2" and currently 190lbs and hit the gym 4x a week. I would like to hit 205 and stay there!!


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    you want safe, well what exactly were your dosages?

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    So you were 6"2 and 170 before u started ur first cycle???

    Christ doesn't anyone train properly naturally these days before hitting the juice???

    This is not meant as a flame to you in particular Bro.. just seems more and more guys using AS as if its candy, and at 170lbs u were pretty small.. (and no offence but still not all the large at 190 either at 6"2)..
    Would of still had alot of natural potential left in you mate.

    About the cycle man... Deca is not the safest AS out there (not the worst by any stretch though) and can cause gyno etc also.. which cant be stopped simple by nolva like with other AS's.. need bromo i believe for that... also Deca dick can be a problem.. if ya were running the same cycle again, i would personally add some Test into the mix..


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    Im not sure what you are trying to accomplish but if you wanna bulk ditch the winny and replace it with dbol and ad some test. HOWEVER if you had a hard time mentally coming off that cycle I don't know how you would handle coming off test.

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    My first few cycles were very similar to the one you just took. When I headed into the waters of a more advanced AS user, I used a combo of deca /winny or EQ/winny as a base. My favorites to stack on are Sust, Dbol , or some long lasting test. (like ent) Also, as you bring in these other compounds, clomid therapy may not be enough anymore. Recomend: ldex or Nolv as well. Do not start cycle without these drugs on hand.

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