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    Exclamation piss test! need help!!!

    whats up guys I have read a few past threads and the main board but I still have some qiestions. I am about half way through my sust250,dbol cycle and I have to take a piss test on this Tuesday!!! for a job. what I was wondering is wether or not the AS will hsow up in a urine test or if the company has to specifically test for juice? I was under the impresion that a normal piss test only tests for pot and alcohol? the job is just a part time factory position, so do you think I should get some clean piss from somebody or should I not even worry about it showing up?
    please help guys/gals I am freakin out cus I need this extra job!

    thanks in advance for any help!

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    odds are very, very slim that they test for anabolics. However, if the test is real easy to cheat(like if they dont even watch you piss) midas well just get some clean urine to be safe. If it is hard to cheat, dont worry too much - Id be real shoked if they tested for AS

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    They won't test for AAS. You will be fine.

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