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    Cigarette Smoking while on AS

    Out of curiosity, as a college boy, how does drinking and/or smoking affect the effectiveness/sides of AS? Hoping to get some Scientific facts on this one...~cali

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    It's a scientific fact that cigarettes can kill.

    But I think you should list the goals you have for your cycle. I can say without a doubt that if you plan on cardio for your cycle, smoking will make that much more difficult.

    Drinking will slow your gains and probably cause you to have less intensive workouts. Most bros on here still drink occasionally, but its usually*** in moderation and not too often.

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    right on, both are counterproductive if you have set and realistic goals...its going to make them harder to achieve...smoking releases mad carcinogens, toxins, free radicals, etc...and alcohol is poison, bottom line their both counterproductive to achieving a better you...(imo)

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    not that i suggest you smoke, however... just to play devil's advocate.

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