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    test prop & test cyp?

    2 questions...
    1/ if you wanted to take a test cycle only, could you take both cyp. and prop. together? and,
    2/ out of the two which would be the best?

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    yes you can take the two, its kind of a strange cycle, and neither are 'bettter' than the other, they are both exactly what you've already said, 'test' is no more potent than the other, test cyp will manifest in 2-3 weeks and test prop usualy within a week, test prop has a short acting ester that will be active with a day or so and cyp will take much longer to manifest...people generally use test prop to kick start a essentially since you just wanna use prop and considering you have some experience under your belt (being that prop must be injected frequently at least EOD), you could run the test prop @ 50mg ED and the test cyp @ 400 a week splt into 200mg injections every third can do variations to adjust the frequency of injection and dosing, this is just a somewhat easy to follow example, good luck

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    I would run the cyp only until the last couple of weeks of the cycle and then switch to the faster acting ester just before coming off.

    As far as kick starting a cycle. Front load the cyp - this will get your blood concentration levels up faster and will be more constant than switching between the 2 test.


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