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Thread: First Cycle

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    First Cycle

    Even asking this question tells everyone that I am a newbie to this. I have read a TON of posts and think I know what to write in order to get good info. I will be 20 in 3 weeks. I know that is young, but I have been lifting religously for over 3 years.
    Stats: 175 lbs
    b/f about 6% (usually it is lower but trying to make big gains)
    bench 225 X 12 (max about 315)
    Diet: Near Perfect, honestly.
    Goals: Like to put on about 10 QUALITY pounds w/ little side

    Cycle I was thinking about running:
    200 mg Deca / Wk
    250 mg Sust / WK
    Keep Nolvadex on hand if necessary
    After cycle, Clomid not sure on dosage.
    I know this is small dosage, but I am really concerned about side effects.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Even if you chew me out.
    P.S. not in a hurry to start. Just want to get good ideas early.

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    ok bro,
    a lot of the guys here will disagree with this, but its gotta be said. imho, the dosages you have there will do nothing other than shut you down nice and hard.
    i would do this instead:
    sustanon 500mg/week split into 2 shots, say monday and friday.
    this will waste the prop in this particular aas, but if you dont care, then i dont either. you might want to go with a longer acting ester such as enanthate or cypionate .
    deca 400mg/week split into the same 2 shots on the same 2 days.

    run your clomid like this:
    300mg day 1
    100mg days 2-11
    50mg days 12-21

    glad to hear you have the nolva............good luck.

    peace bb79

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    I agree with bb79.


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    Originally posted by Aragorn
    I agree with bb79.


    so do i.
    i know your looking for the safest cycle ,but you still want to get results

    ps ignore the post saying 250 mg is enough,(it might be close to enough if you were using a single ester test,even then 400-500 mg wk)youll be kick your self in the ass later if you could probably skate by on 300 mg of deca !

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