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    are ECA's neccesary with CLEN

    i was just wondering if its neccessary to cycle clenbuterol with and ECA stack. form what i was reading you should go 2 weeks on with clen and then the next two weeks with an ECA and repeat that for up to 8 weeks. so is that neccesary or can you follow that same pattern but without an ECA.

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    BUMP! I want to know the same thing!

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    you can go 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off and the repeat but the reason most people use ECA and NYC in between is that it hits different receptors and keeps the fat burning going and the body guessing so it doesn't adapt. I am not beta receptive to clen but if i was... i would go with
    clen for 2 weeks
    ECA for 2 weeks
    NYC for 2 weeks
    rinse and repeat.

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