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    Question steroids and skin

    Just curious guys has anyone noticed any difference in your skin while on AS and face structure other then hair. I am a young looking guy for my age and dont want to loose my look i know i'll get old but not now.. thanks

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    Well the only thing that happens to me when I am doing gear is my skin get's somewhat oily. But I love that. I usually have a problem with dry skin, especially on my face from shaving every freakin day, so when I am doing gear, I have that "shinny" look that I love soo much. Also makes me look younger, and feel younger. Seems like all my dry skin problems go away. Hair on the otherhand, well, I am naturally hairy, so I can't seem to tell any difference.

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    The skin on my body looks alot better - the skin on my face looks like shit because I get acne worse than when I was 17.

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    I have noticed that my pores get bigger when I'm cycling, my little lady calls them black heads....

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