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    Advice Please - NCAA Testing

    I'm a first time poster but long-time reader. I'm recovering from an 11-month battle with a muscle tear that's caused me to miss parts of two seasons, and have just this week started using Winstrol Depot to help me get back into shape quickly for the winter. Five days after my first injection, I received a call that I've been randomly selected for drug testing tomorrow morning. Now, imagine my surprise. Not once in three years have I heard of anyone from the team getting tested, it was more reserved for football and basketball. I never expected it, but now I have to bite my lip and beat it.

    Tell me any advice you guys could offer for tomorrow. I value your opinions because you have a wealth of knowledge.

    This is my cycle:

    Weds - 1 cc Winstrol
    Thurs - Nothing
    Fri - 1 cc Winstrol
    Sat - Nothing
    Sun - 1 cc Winstrol
    Mon - Nothing
    Tues - Random Testing Tomorrow
    Weds - Random Testing

    I'm also taking tribulus terristis, taurine, glutamine, creatine, and a lot of protein. Do you think I have enough Winstrol in me to test positive? The dosages are very low, and I'm holding out hope that with water and B vitamins I can dilute the sample just enough to slide in okay.

    I'm planning on drinking cranberry juice, waking up mid-night to take some aspirin, drinking nearly a gallon water and pissing a few times before I go in the morning, and taking the B-vitamin.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    bro winstrol has a half life of only 8-12 hours, so considering your last injection was 2 days before the testing time hopefully u will be in the clear. however, u shoudl check with the the athletic department at your school as to the banned supplements list for your particular sport, im not sure if tribulus terristis, taurine, glutamine, or creatine are banned by the ncaa in your sport, i dont see why they would be. u should also check your protein shake to make sure that theres nothing in there that may be banned as well. good luck with everything.

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    Your ####ed unless you cath yourself dude! Go buy one online ASAP.. Injectable winny is detectable for a long ass time on NCAA drug tests.. 2-3 months bro..

    With being subject to testing you should just stick to the basics like test..

    Terribulus will stay in your system a long time.. stay away from taht stuff

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    If you're in a tested sport you shouldn't be using dude, it ruins the sport...

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