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    Post What do you think??

    This is going to be my second cycle. My first was very simple, i did a 6 week cycle of sust250 at 500mg per a week and the last week was only 250mg. But for this cycle i want to make a little bit longer and a little more complex. I was thinking of starting with 6weeks of enathate and then 6 weeks of equpoise. During the last 3 weeks of using the equpoise i was thinking of adding winstrol . what do you think? do you have any tips or adivce?

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    Why only 6weeks of each?.Did you gain/keep much from your first cycle?You would get much better results if you ran both together for 10-12 weeks as Enan and Eq don't kick in until week 4.

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    run em for 10 weeks at least
    Five is right takes like 4-5 weeks for them to work

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    Exactly. I don't get much results till 6-7 weeks in. I like longer cyc's , I gain more in the end.

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    I wouldnt run the cycle you have planned out. Test E takes about 3 weeks to kick in and EQ can take up to 5 weeks. So I would suggest running them atleast 10 weeks but 12 would be best. If you just want to use test E, EQ and winny I would do this..
    Test E 400mg 1-12
    EQ 400mg 1-12
    winny 50mg EOD or 50mg ED 11-15
    clomid day after last winny injection.

    However you could add in some test prop in weeks 1-2 and 13-15 100mg EOD. Hopes this helps.

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