Hey guys, I'm into my 6th week on this cycle.... It didn't quite go as planned but for me that's not unusual.

week 1-3 anadrol 100mg/day deca 200mg/week prop 200mg/week
week 4-12 fina 50mg/day prop 50mg/day deca 200mg/week
week 6-9 anadrol 100mg/day
after week 9 I will bump my prop to 100mg/day as my fina to 75mg/day
during the second week of this cycle I added proviron 50mg/day-wk12.

I feel great, strong both mentally and physicaly. Some days I feel sluggish (ever since I started the fina) until I hit the gym and I forget all about it...My temper is a little shorter, like with my girlfriend I get tired of explaining things sometimes and get short to answer her questions. Driving my truck has always been an issue (road rage-roid rage ) same damn thing to me!

The wind blows and I get hard.....