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Thread: deca dick ?

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    deca dick ?

    i did a cycle of deca like 3 months ago and no deca dick and im running another cycle starting this week if i didnt get deca dick then do i risk getting it now?

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    It really depends on how much you are doing and the individual. I have heard of guys that do deca in their three and fourth cycle get dd. I have never got it, but I have only ran deca twice. I would stil have some test just in case however.

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    I've ran a testless deca cycle twice and both times no deca dick. Granted I had d-bol. But I only ran d-bol for the first four weeks as a jump start and even after I was done with it, still no deca dick.

    *However* during the second time I did it I had absolutely no interest in sex/girls after the dbol ran out. I still had sex and was able to get it up and cum, etc. but I didn't find myself chasing after it as I wasn't horny
    *at all*.

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