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Thread: My first Cycle

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    Question My first Cycle

    Just wanted to see what you guys think about it. First off I am a 21 year old male. Been working out since I was 14. My size is 5'-11" 170lbs in good shape. My goal is to get to about 200lbs ( dont have a time line ). I just bought my first cycle off a buddy at work for $250. It came with 10ml bottle of Denkale Test 400 ( all the writting is in spanish )and the other bottle is bottle of deca . All of writting is completly in spanish so it says its decanoato de nandrolona, and says under it 200mb depot. Dont know what brand the deca is but has a small blue circle with a black T in the middle. I also got 10 Precision Glide Syringe's. There latex free 5ml, with 1"needles.
    Also wondering what dosages you guys recomend I do?

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    I would go with 1cc of each a week for 10 weeks...

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    Your deca is Tornel.


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