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    2 week dbol cycles

    Anyone have experience running 2-week cycles with dbol ? I have read some good feedback on other sites regarding 2-week cycles (low keepable gains, but next to zero sides). Want to see if anyone there has run them.

    I am looking at thai dbol 10-20mg ed (morning only) + proviron 50mg/ed (25mg x2). Run for 2 weeks, then 4 weeks off, then run 2 weeks etc....

    My goal -- put on (and keep) 5lbs per 2 wk cycle...keep bloat, fat, blood pressure, other sides minimized. Also, want to lower BF% to 8-9%. I have also read that after the cycle is over gains will continue at an increased rate. So during the off-cycle weeks I could gain another 2 lbs.

    stats: 40yrs, 6'4", 220, 12%BF, 2nd cycle

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    Honestly I doubt 10mg to 20mg of D-Bol is going to do much for you in only 2 weeks....

    Maybe because I've used it so many times, but I know for me 20mg won't do shit...

    I'm just curious why you don't just set up a mild cycle with 1 or 2 injectables with an oral like Winny if your goal is to gain quality muscle and also lose some BF%...

    D-Bol is not the right drug where cutting or gaining quality size is the goal...

    I would rethink what you are doing...

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    Had a bad experience with injectables...don't really want to go there again. Safety is a big concern for me at 40 yrs old. Dont want to trigger any health problems. Hence interrest in short cycles, low dosage, quick acting/quick stopping supplements.

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    If you are concerned with doing a safe cycle and avoiding injectibles, I'd say look into doing anavar at 50mg/ED for like 8 weeks.

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    whats anavar ?

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    Works very well at helping break through plateaus tfg. Try 25-35mg for 2-4 weeks follow it with a solid maintanance diet and youll be able to get through any stagnation in your training. Just my opinion through experience.

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    does anyone think it's realistic to expect ~5 lbs of long-term keepable gains running a short two-week dbol cycle at 25 mg/ED with clomid after?

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    I have done a 2 week 20 mg D-bol cycle, tapering down to 15, 10 and 5 for 3 days after and gained about 1.5 Kg, decreased 0.5 kg fat, no change in training routine OR amount of food.

    So I gained about 2 Kg muscle (4 pounds), 2 months have passed and I´ve lost nothing, but gained a little fat, and I´m going to gain more (christmas is coming)

    I will start a 2 weeks cycle again in january

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    what is happening with your 2 weeks cycles?

    what are the gains?do you keep them?what is the off period between cycles?

    i'm a fun of short cycles.

    tell me the cycles you went through.what drugs?exact dosing through the cycles?

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    I dont think that 20mg dbol p/day for 2 weeks will do much, unsure, maybe but i doubt it. i wood either up the dosage to about 40 - 50mg p/day since ur gonna do such a short dbol cycle. otherwise i wood do dbol at 30mg p/day for 4 weeks. good luck

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