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    Help with winny...

    I've heard that it is alright to drink winny instead of injecting every day.
    Is it less effective when you drink it or does it still work about the same, and if you drink it, is it alright to mix it with something to drink it with?

    Any info y'all can give me would be appreciated.
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    In theory, it is more effective by shooting it. Also, in theory, there4 may be some site growth going on, but that's only theory at this point. Also, in theory, injecting should be easier on your liver, since it won't have to make two passes through. It's a trial and error thing bro. If you really don't want to shoot it, then you'll be fine going with it orally.

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    I drink winny when i use it and get good results, but i think shooting it would give better results...if you did decide to drink it you could mix it with grapefruit juice if you wanted to, but i personally don't mind the taste of winny at all

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