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    "NEED" to gain aprox 20lbs...

    Since there are so many differents aas out there, should I buy a book on them such as the Steroid Bible? I just need to figure out what I need to take for my first cycle, and then about the anti-E's and clomid. So, basically that is everything to do with steroids . Im getting frusterated, my body is ready for them, but my mind cant figure out what to give them.

    Check out my specs and pics, maybe you guys can tell off of those what I need to look into. There is a recommended first cycle down towards the end of the thread. Will that work? Here is the link...

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    The steroid bible is not worth the money. Get a copy of Anabolics 2002 and go to Barnes & Noble's website and search for books on AAS. There are tons of good ones. "Anabolic Steroids in Sport and Exercise" and "Musclemag International's Anabolic Primer" are good ones to read. Read as many books as possible, read as many threads as possible on this board and learn EVERYTHING you can about AAS over the next year. It sucks to wait, but it will be worth it when you know exactly what you are doing and you get great gains from your cycle with little side effects. Too many guys rush into AS usage and get poor results with lots of sides because they didn't research. I waited for three years before I did my first cycle, so I know how hard it can be to wait.

    Also learn as much about training and bodybuilding as you can. Get some references like Arnold's Bodybuilding Encyclopedia and learn all you can about how to make your body grow.
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    Stick around here for awhile and it'll come together for you.


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    Originally posted by Aragorn
    Stick around here for awhile and it'll come together for you.



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    reading the boards is the bible you need more up to date than current boks

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