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Thread: Generic Labs

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    Generic Labs

    Okay, don't want to violate a rule or anything here, so i'll try and be careful, but what are your opinions in general of generic and/or underground labs. I'm considering one of them for their (tabla)"ana"var and may be considering either the Canadian "P" or ** for additional components of the cycle if my original source doesn't pull it together as expected (long story). However, as I think about these products, I start to have some serious, vivid thoughts involving the safety/sterility (or lack thereof, to be accurate) surrounding these products' development and creation. I mean, by virtue of being what they are, there's really no governing body other than human decency and Mr. Smith's invisible hand to insure they're being produced in a manner conducive with my/our safety. I know a lot of guys who have no problem injecting ** stuff, yet they would hesitate to eat the Market Basket version of fruit loops for fear of product inferiority. So, basically what I'm asking is, for those who have used them or thought about it, how confident are you in their safety and such? And, if possible, what are you basing that on? Many thanks.

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    Go with an underground product. Unless you got it from a pharmacy there's no telling what it really is short of a GC/MS test. If you get a reliable underground product it is less likely to be fake. I get suspicious when someone shows me their Upjohn cypionate , but if they have Spectro or Valopharm I don't even think about it being fake. I've had Upjohn before but only because it came from a pharmacy. I wouldn't even condsider buying it otherwise.

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    gotta love spectro, definatly some of the best shit iv tried but even if you look at so called governed prducers of vet. aas such as ttokyo you know they fuck up too (iv heard of batches with excessive BA levels)

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