Waz up everyone?... Ok here's waz up on my cycle. Im doing 12 weeks of Test Enth. @ 400mg a week. I started off at 169lbs first day of my cycle and this week is the end of week 4 (11-16-02) I am now at 187 lbs. I was only benching 185 lbs as my max bench and now Im benching 225lbs like if it was 145. My chest grew 3 inches, my arms 2 inches. Im not gettin bloated as what I thought, but I look alot bigger and cut up like crazy. Im so happy going out now. I was like a tooth pick and now everyone is comin up to me sayin "wow you are lookin good" My diet is about 4000 cals a day and protein is at 200g aday. The said thing is that I work 60 hours a week and train 2 hours a day so therefor Im only gettin 6 hours a sleep a day! Anywayz my Test cycle is going so good right now.Im havin awesome pumps at the gym. Im not gettin no signs of gyno or anything. This is great. (knock on wood)... Well, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this board for answering all the questions everyday here at AnabolicReview.
Keep up the good work

Chad C.
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