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    quick cycle and clomid question

    20 years old
    circa 18%BF

    goals after an 8 week cycle:
    gain roughly 10-15 lbs and increase strength as much as possible with a minimal risk of side effects. Would also like to minimize water retention and just agin solid muscle while shredding and dropping BF% if possible. No concern with getting tested.

    Proposed cycle:
    50mg/d Winni Tabs
    30mg/d Anavar
    Deca -durabolin (400mg/w,400mg/w, 300,300,300,300,300,300)

    Anyone have any suggestions for this cycle(the gear, the amounts, or the time) or anythign i should change, a lot of guys have recommended equipoise in lieu of deca on a previous post? Also when and how much clomid should i use? Thanks

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    looks good to me bro but i always say throw in some test for a good base.

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    Welcome to AR

    As many questions that you have you should've already read this section but I get the hint you may have passed over some very valuable information.
    Check these threads out and you feel you are really stumped then come back and put up a post. We'll be here to help you right out.


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