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    getting heart beats from sust

    hi there bro's

    i have tryd sust 4 weeks ago i did one shot and then i stoped becouse of my heart,
    i got heart beats and little pain shoots in my chest now 4 weeks later it's all over ??? my heart is just doing normal.
    can anybody tell me what this was? and should i finish my cycle?

    i have done small cycles like winny and primo before but i never had any problems with that stuff.

    ps i have already bin to the dockter he says it was nothing

    anybody know?

    thanks anway
    keep training hard!

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    Welll bro imo it could have been a few things. If it was from only one injection u might have injected into a vein? Or possibly u were nervous and had a panic attack? If u got checked out by ur Doc and he says ur fine then id say it could have been one of the two.

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    I tend to agree with OGPackin. If you hit a vein that is very likely. If you are new to dartin' yourself you can very easily sike yourself out and raise bp, sweat etc. I am not sure it is the sust per say, but it is up to you to continue or not.

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    totally agree it seems to be in your could of hit a vien. if you did you would of felt something close to that... if your doc says your fine you probobally safe....Madmax

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    yea i have heart beats and pain shoots up my chest also. i would get pain shoot up my chest and i would burp alot right after it happens and i get bloated and have really bad gas. i was thinking it was heart burns but i never have heart burns before.

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    Dont sweat it bro!!!Most likely its in your head when I did my first cycle the same thing with my heart happened,and i was only taking d bol and cell tech.This was before I learned how to cycle.

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    No pain but an irregular beat was found while getting my Blood Pressure read (Eq/Deca ).

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