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Thread: First cycle

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    First cycle


    I have been reading on steroid cycles for a while now and finally came up with this one: It's all oral even though it might not be as effective as injectables.

    week 1-6 : Dbol 30 mgs a day
    week 3-8: winny 25 mgs a day
    Week 6-8: Proviron 50 mgs a day

    I weigh 194 pounds and want to put on a few pounds of lean quality muscle.

    Any comments or suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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    Your doses are low enough that I don't see that much of a risk, even though you are using 2 17aa at the same time...

    Just curious about why you plan of running proviron for weeks 6-8 and why you have choosen 3 orals without an injectable...

    If you're afraid of needles, then may I suggest you simply stay natural, or get over your fear of them and add an injectable...

    It'll be easier on your body and more effective then doing orals alone...
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    buff is right bro, you need to throw in some Test as a base, those orals are damaging to the liver. You need to rethink this, just about everyone at one time felt uneasy about injecting, but with time it will become so routine.

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    I agree with the Bro's


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