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    Anti E's ...gyno?'s

    I'm going to be taking :

    75mg Fina eod 6 weeks
    250 mg sust250 every wk 8 weeks
    200 mg winstrol dep. /wk 8 weeks

    I have nov already. I do have puffy nipples, ever since I was young...I have never had gyno before and I had a Dr. check me out and she said that she felt no growth and felt that cardio would get rid of my excess weight in my chest (mostly gone now). She also had a blood test done and my liver and kidney levels were fine. This is my third cycle and my only one thus far running test.. I'm trying to decide what to use clomid/proviron /nov a combination of substances? Anyone have similiar experience? The goal of this cycle is to stay at the same wieght I'm at now (195) or gain 15-25 lbs....This is a cycle I put together to cut up and gain hard muscle...I have used clen before and it did nothing I have better results with I think I'm gonna stick with that. Obviously I want to keep water retention down and the chance of gyno!

    Note: I have never had itchy or pain in my nipples..

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    The winny should help to prevent any signs of gyno from the fina.
    Have nolvadex in case, and run arimidex or liquidex throughout your cycle at .5mg/day. This will prevent gyno and keep water retention down. If needed, but a-dex or l-dex to 1mg/day.

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    If you are suffering symptoms of prolactin induced gyno (caused by the fina), get some bromo to get rid of it.

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