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Thread: Thread Removed?

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    Nov 2002

    Thread Removed?

    I was just curious why this thread was removed???

    (Order In!)
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    Sep 2001
    what thread ???

    what were the contents of it ??

    did it have anything to do with asking for juice ???

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    Nov 2002
    No just a pic of the stuff for my first cycle, Bread & Butter.

    Dunno why it was removed???? Thats why I asked

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    Jul 2002
    I am just guessing here but if it is the one I think it was then it really didn't involve a question just a picture of your cycle with some twenty's in the background. Doesn't really belong on this board. We have a steroid picture board and a cycle board.

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    haha, i remeber that probably attracted the wrong kind of attention if you know what i mean...they did you a favor by taking down that shit...

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