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    Need cycle thoughts??

    Please give thoughts on possible cycle.. I am 23 6' 210,, this will be 6th cycle.. Was thinking of running,,wk 1-4 D/bol 35mg day,, wk1-10 deca 400,,wk 1-10 sustonon 750per wk..This will be first cycle in 4month which last cycle was t-400,deca,d/bol... Please comment on cycle Thanks,,,

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    bit off topic but how did the t-400 go for u, would u use it agian?? pro's con's??

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    I like it, but here are my thoughts on sus. If you're gonna use it, for the first 4wks at least, I would take half a cc 6 days a wk to get the full effect of the prop and phenyl prop. I would also run prop for the first 4wks at 25mg ed and 50mg on the day you don't shoot the sus to add to the short acting esters you're already getting. That way, you'd be getting around 300-400mg/wk of test the first few wks instead of just wasteing the little bit of short esters in the sus. After wk4, you could go to just taking 3 shots a wk of the sus and no prop because the long acting esters would be kicking in. Sus is great for pros in high doses, but I think prop is needed with lower doses like yours.

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    someone told me t-400 is some thick shit to be sticking in your body. thats just about the same cycle i'm on know except i'm using growth hormone and 40mg d-bol per day. i think thats a great cycle. that was the exact same as my last cycle also. Madmax...

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