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Thread: Cycle question

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    Cycle question

    Hey I'm 5'10, 160 lbs at around 10% bf. I want to add around 10-15 lbs of solid muscle that I can maintain and wondering if this cycle would work. I'm thinking of taking:
    EQ- 200 mg once a week(10 weeks)
    Fina-75 mg ed(6 weeks)
    Ethanate- 250 mg once a week(10 weeks)
    Clomid- week 11-13

    I know most would say to take 2 shots per week of EQ and Ethanate but I do not want to get super big, but just get a little bigger and more ripped without the side effects. Now I plan on getting 4000-5000 of quality calories and not many from fat or junk food which I hardly ever eat anyway. I don't want any bloating from the Ethanate so thats why I'm taking a low dose and that I have the EQ and Fina. In this cycle would I need to take Nolvadex since the Ethanate mg is low enough and if so how much do I take and for how long. Plus with this cycle how much cardio should I do to get ripped(I like to run and swim). Plus when should I add the the begining of the cycle or end of the cycle. Any advice would be great or if anyone did a similar cycle if they could write back as to how their cycle went. Thanks.

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    Always have Nolva on hand. Have you already bought this cycle?

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    do 400mg per week of eq if you want to see results
    250mg test is very low but will get slight results
    fina doseage is goo and do it at beggining
    dont start clomid till 3 weeks after last eq injection

    size depends on alot more then gear---diet,rest and training is just as important
    if you eat,rest and train properly 10-15lbs can be attained

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