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    Question Increase libido w/o shutting down test

    I have hypogonadatropism. (low luteinizing hormone resulting in low testosterone ) Oddly enough, I did not get this from using steriods , it just happened. My doctor wants to start me on a testosterone patch. Although I have been a natural bodybuilder to date, I have been in the bodybuilding culture long enough to kno wthat this is probably not the way to go.

    I would like to choose a steriod that will first and foremost increase my libido and ability to get erections.

    Second, I would like on ethat has minimum health effects for prolonged use.

    Third, if possible would not completely shut down whatever ability to produce testosterone my body has left.

    If I gain a little muscle in the process, GREAT.

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

    PS If anyone cares, Tribex 500 helped a little, otehr forms of tribulus did not. biotest rocks!

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    Sorry to hear that your libido is low i know this really sucks. The first thing that springs to mind is proviron . Of course it would be better if you could increase your natural test but im not sure how you should go about this. But for the time being im sure proviron will help at least 50mg/day

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