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    Tri inject question

    A friend of mine is tweaking cuz he did a tri injection last night and theres a small bruise around the inject site. I told him to not worry about it and just keep an eye out for few days, but insisted that i inquire with you guys about it...

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    hey that happened to me on one of my quad inj. it went away in a couple of days

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    had it happen to me on a bi injection

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    Originally posted by abstrack
    had it happen to me on a bi injection
    Yup me too, I had a bruise there for about a week really no pain just an ugly bruise. and I do bi injects alot. That one time, I did an injection, I acutally flentched alittle when I was about half way thru the injection, and moved the muscle which could have caused the bruise. But yeah I think it happens to the most of us. Ice works great for things like that. But it is only gonna be a matter of time before it will probally go away completely.

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    I agree I have gotten bruisers on my delts, tri's and bi's before, oh my pecs too. Never a big bruise but just small ones, just means he prob nicked a vein.

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