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    Question too early for dieting?

    i have been off my first cycle for about 5 weeks, ok i want to know if its too early to start dieting on a all protein 0-25 carb a day diet. i am trying to lean out as much as possible before i start my next cycle in 4 weeks. im thinking 300-400g a day also taking clen and doing cardio 3-4x a week 45min low intensity. does this sound like a bad idea? i want to preserve as much lean mass as possible and lose a few founds of fat. my stats are 5'6 1/2, 146 12%.

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    0 carbs (with no AS?) you can kiss your muscle good-bye with that plan

    You won't lose a lot of fat in just 4 weeks without sacrificing muscle...IMO it's not worth that sacrifice for a few lbs of fat loss

    Lower (do not eliminate) your carbs, do your cardio and eat clean but i wouldn't go crazy trying to get "as lean as i can" in 4 weeks for your purposes

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