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Thread: Dr Visit

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    Dr Visit

    Ok I have a Dr's Appt this Friday. Now this is a little embarassing that is because my girlfriend won't stay at my house any more because I snore. I seem to get a good nights sleep except getting shoved many times during the night cause my girl can't sleep and apparently I am just snoring away. So I have been putting this off for months and now I have this appt Friday. I am worried when I get there that when they go though the routine( weight, temp, blood pressure) that my blood pressure will be high. Is this true? Will my blood pressure be high enough for the Dr to think something else is wrong? My DR does not know I am on AS. Should I try an put thisoff for another monthor so? Or should I be ok? I don't want to walk myself into a mess and the DR thinking I have high Blood Pressure. Need help from those who might have been to the Dr while on AS

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    Try getting your blood pressure tested before you go, if you are worried about it. They have machines in most drug stores, and you can buy a cheap blood pressure cuff for around $14.00 if your arm is too big to fit in those machines.

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