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    Question Drugs to heal tendons?

    As I am getting stronger, I am starting to get tendonitis in my elbows. Are there any drugs - prescription or otherwise - that help to heal tendons and make them grow stronger at rates similar to the gains made in muscle with anabolics?

    I have heard deca mentioned a couple of times. I thought this was more for increasing fluid in the joints for added lubrication.

    Any and all ideas are welcome.

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    The only thing I know is growth hormone . It strengthens tendons and ligaments. Some bro's have used it with good results on torn tendons. Deca lubricates the joints, it doesn't strengthen tendons.

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    IMO just eating correctly and not increasing the weight too quickly is the safest, most effective way to "heal" tendons. Also keep loose via stretching and I am a firm believer in regular (weekly) deep tissue massage therapy.

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