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    Another Fina Question

    This is a similar question posted earlier about Fina. I know Fina will give ya strength, some mass, and a vascular look but has anyone ever took fina with sustanon . If so what were your results like. I'm just looking to add a lil more strength and add a more vascular look. Would Fina for 6 weeks and sustanon for 10-12 weeks be a cycle that would do this without much bloating. Just curious so if anyone knows let me know.

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    I have never run fina with sust (not a big fan of sust or onma), but I have run it with just enanthate before. Had good gains and a little bloat. Sust is well know for bloat so you can probably expect to see some unless you can get some arimidex .

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    On both now, Strengh gains have been unreal. Started week 3 of Fina on Friday. I love it. I'm still in the process of losing BF, but vascularity is starting to come in. Fina has really kick my cycle into a new level. I really like it. This is my first time doing both. Enjoy, my current cycle is below. I'm gonna go 7-8 weeks on the fina, I would do at least 6 weeks. I'm running about 75mg-100mg ed.

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