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    Everyone Help Me!!!

    alright man.. im soo damn confused and fusterated!!!! im on a keto diet!! dont tell me to go read the diet m/b man oh man.. all u people come in here most of the time soo thats why im posting here.. thing is ... im trying to stay away from carbs.. absolutly ZERO carbs for 5 days till i carb up at the weeekend. nowwww all i eat is tuna fish and egg whites and some fats....(from flax oil) i have this whey protien shake and at the back it says 1.6 grams of carbohydrate.. is that okay??? or is that nothing to worry about??? im just too carefully to messup my diet... and mayo... some contain sugar.... i looked a tthe back of "miracle whip" it said 0 carbs... but when u read the indigrents sugar is listed down!!! this is seriously ticking me off man.... i need help with recipies and some ideas of diffrent foods. im in ketosis at the momment... for the past 3 days... intaking 200 grams of protien per day thats why my muscles are still maintained... by the way im 5'8 205 lbs... this zero carbohydrate shit is confusing the livin hell outta me... does chicken breast contain carbs/? lean beef??? pork??? god im sick of theese dry tuna cans!!! im running winstrol /primo/hydroxycut..... soo far.. i have lost weight and maintained muscle its going perfectly but i just dont want to mess it up grrrrrrrrrrr HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!! PROS HELP ME!!!! IM SUFFERING LOOL

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    You don't have to be at 0 carbs to stay in a state of ketosis. Use your keto sticks to see where you are at but a few carbs a day should not ruin the diet. However there are protein shakes out their with 0 carbs. You can eat steak, some fish, pork, and chicken while on this diet and there are different spices you can use. I'm not an expert on ketogenic diets or even a big fan so I am sure others can help you better than I can. Might want to PM warrior on this I think he has a knowledge of most diets.

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    keto diet

    im new to the forum and understand the keto diet is a low carb diet..can someone send me this diet or send me a link to go to to read up on it..i wouldnt mind learning about it

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    Itis impossible to eat 0 carbs Bro you can have upto about 30gm of carbs a day and still stay in Ketosis, some people can stay in Ketosis at 80gm of carbs per day but that is rare, i eat salad twice a day when on keto and it dose not hurt my weight loss...XXL

    Oh yeah, go ahead and have the shake with some flaxseed oil in it.

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