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    What should I take with fina

    This what I was thinking about:

    1-6 weeks fina 75mg eod
    1-10 weeks eq 200mg week
    6-10 weeks winny 50mg eod

    when should I had the nolvadex . Has anyone heard of trenbolona
    75mg made by tko 20ml. And how much should it cost.Also does it have to be refrigerated. I need all the suggestions I can get.

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    Give us your stats (age, weight, height, BF%), steroid experience, and lifting experience and we will be able to give you a better more informed answer.

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    Oct 2002
    Stats are

    age 18
    working out for 3 yrs
    bench press 275 max
    b/f 8%
    taken 1 cycle

    Also does the fina have to be refrigerated. Thanks

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    I'd say you're too young for steroids but since you've already done 1 cycle I don't think you're gonna be open to hearing that again. What was your first cycle / at what age did you do it? As for your cycle I would do 400mg/wk EQ and I would run Fina/Winny together rather than seperated.

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