Well, I'm at week 5 in my first cycle. 400mgs/ deca , 500mgs/sust a week. I've gained about 10 lbs, and a little strenght. Bench went up about 30 lbs. squat up about 50 lbs. I feel that I'm starting to gain a bit more fat than I normally do. Ya, I know I'm bulking, but I've gained alot more fat than usual. Anyone else have the same results?

On another topic, I was taking 35mgs/day of dbol in the beginning of my cycle. After 2 weeks of it I quit due to kidney pains. I have 2 weeks worth of dbol left that I would like to start week 8 - 10. Good idea to do this, or should I wait till my next cycle, and get enough dbol for the whole 4 weeks?