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    Angry I think my QV EQ is fake! Help!

    Hey guys,
    I hope you guys can help me out. I just started my QV eq and test. However im used to having the lot and exp date being printed as part of the box, not stamped on.

    The test is printed the way it usually is, however the eq seems to be stamped on.

    The lot: qvb-004 and exp: 10/2004 match the ones on the website. But ive always seen the month spelled out in spanish (for example; diciembre which is on my test) not " 10 2004"

    the label seems kinda faded but i dunno, I THINK IM GETTING PARANOID

    i wish i had a pic to post, im gonna try to get a dig camera tommorow.

    thanks in advance

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    A pic would help for sure bro. I bet your ok though. Did you get it from our friend? Shoot me a PM

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    Yeah remember, labels down in Mexico can be deceiving, because packaging is not something that they are strict about. My QV EQ came in pristine condition, which made me paranoid, because I was expecting a crappy label, and packaging being all beat up. But mine had that "bubble wrap" in with the vial, which was very impressive. It has a metal cap on it, that you snap off before you use it. I can put up a pic if that will help you tomorrow? Shoot me a PM and I will see what I can do.

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    i havn't heard of any qv fakes, i think if you have holo and flip cap, your all set, mine was very professional as well, nicely sealed, nicely labeled, not beat up or anythin, i dont doubt authenticity whatsoever cept that i dont get much hunger at 600mg/week...

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    damn, this shit has already been asked and I posted that I have the same type and they are REAL. Just go to QV's Website and see that the batch number is there, but the test results are not. Try the search next time. The flip cap, hologram, and sealed box are all signs of real QV, so Why flip about a stamped date box? They most likely changed the way they stamp for cost effectiveness. Much cheaper to stamp a box than print in color.

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