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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    i have 21 amps of sus and 4000 mg of eq, how should i run this cycle.
    i was thinking 750mg of sus for first week, then 500mg throughout for the rest of the nine weeks. and running the eq through at 50mg eod.
    and of course clomid therapy at the end. i would appreciate any advice on this cycle

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    750 mg SUS/400 mg EQ

    Week 2-10
    500 mg Sus/400 mg EQ

    Mix your EQ shots with your Sus shots twice a week. Clomid therapy starting in week 13. Nolvadex on hand.

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    This is a very good cycle rickson has put together. The reason being is that sustanon with all of it's short and long flowing esters, you will get good results with this. 400mg of EQ is right on, more experienced guys use about 600mg per week, but for what you are running, 400 will be perfect with this sustanon cycle. I will be running a cycle just like this in a few months. I can't wait to see the results!!! I am getting a hard on just thinking about it..

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