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    Question How do you guys take your D-Bol

    I've read different methods of taking D-Bol.

    I've heard of taking:

    10mg 3xday throughout the day.

    4mg 6Xday throughout the day.

    10mg 2 hours PRE workout and 5mg 4xday post workout every 3 hours

    What do you think is the best method?

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    I have read about taking the whole dose in the morning for lasting results vs spreading it out. Spreading it out will bring quicker and better results - once a day will give more of a permanent effect. A theory by Bill Roberts.

    But since you should run it with IM oils I would suggest 3X per day. The oils and post therapy should help solidify results. The 6X would seem ideal based on the short half life... but what a pain in the ASS.

    For bridging I would think the once a day would be ideal.

    BUMP for more input...

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    Dbol has a very short half life (about 3-5 hours) so the best way is to take it every 3-4 hours throughout the day (take some about 1-2 hours before training as well). It will ensure that blood levels stay even.

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    Take them every 3-4 hours. And spread the dosages evenly throughout these times to keep the levels as steady as possible. This will give you the best effect from the dbol .

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