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Thread: EQ-Deca switch

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    EQ-Deca switch

    Would it be fine if persay i wanted to switch from EQ@500mg every 6th day to Deca @500mgs weekly half way through a 10 week cycle with Test Ena@ 500mgs weekly. I figured it wouldnt be that bad since i read they bind with the same receptors...also i know both dont really kick in to about the 4th week so i was curious if it would workout fine?

    Im asking this beacuse my second bottle of EQ broke!!!

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    I switched from Deca to Eq after week 6. Did not like the Deca loss in sex drive. But running Test Enth you should not have the same problem.

    First cycle, so I don't have much to compare to. But I have to say the Eq pumps were really good the first few weeks while the Deca was still circulating. The cycle has been good with nice solid gains.

    As a first cycle I really botched it but my taining is spot on and have noticed good results. Lifts increased, lowered BF as well as looking and feeling great.

    I ran Deca 800/400 weeks 1-6 (first was front load, second being maintenance) and Eq 100 EOD weeks 6-12... may extend Eq for longer with some Winny. Also did D-bol 25mg ED for 3 weeks as a mild androgen booster. I also wasted money on Primo running it 600/300 for only 4 weeks. But as a first cycle it probably helped to saturate the receptors anyhoooo.

    I was wondering the same thing though - since Eq and Deca... and even Primobolan share simliar receptors can you switch one out with some degree of effectiveness.


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