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    Question is it wise to split cycle into 2?

    Someone indicated that it would be wise for a first time AS user to split the cycle into 2. Like 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off, then 4 weeks on!!

    Is that wise?

    Mine is: anavar 40-60 mg + Clen 120 mcg +Clomid (Maybe Winny too)

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    If you are interested in this method than read this by Nelson Montana:
    Steroids for Health

    Steroids For Health
    By Nelson Montana

    In a lot of ways, Nelson Montana is the prototypical Testosterone reader. He doesn't have any official training in biochemistry—he's actually a musician and an actor—but he's read everything he's been able to get his hands on, and he can hold his own with a lot of academically trained experts. He's also been passionate about bodybuilding for a long time. In fact, when Arnold had his first appearance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1969 (where he lost to Sergio Oliva), Nelson was there, mouth agape. Although this experience spurred his bodybuilding efforts on, he soon realized that his genetics weren't exactly "pro" caliber. However, throughout his twenties, he still remained interested in various aspects of fitness, nutrition and life extension therapy, but it wasn't until his middle 30's that the "bug" bit him once again and he became a full fledged muscle head!

    Nelson was a 100% "natural" athlete from the age of 14, when he started bodybuilding, to the age of 39. His fascination with the subject of steroids started when he first stumbled on Dan Duchaine's Underground Steroid Handbook, but it wasn't until years later that he felt comfortable enough to actually partake in the goodies. Still, most of the steroid literature he encountered was either too damning or too blasé. In his words, "No Yin, no Yang." This prompted him to come up with his own approach. Over three years, he did six cycles and managed to accomplish his goals—maintaining 25 pounds of pure muscle beyond what he was "naturally" capable of without ever experiencing any acne, gyno, or testicular atrophy. His blood chemistries, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., are all, according to his doctor, normal for a 30-year old man (even though he's now 44). In his acting roles, he usually plays (shirtless) characters between the ages of 29 to 35.

    The following is his steroid "prescription." It won't give you the body of a pro bodybuilder, but it probably won't adversely effect your health, either. Read the article here.

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    Very interesting read.

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    Just read the article, very interesting. What I didnt get is are you still supposed to use hcg and clomid post cycle(I presume not as its such a small, short cycle)!?He also mentioned that there is no necessity for Nolvadex . Hmm, makes you wonder. I am of the school of thought that less is sometimes better and as many people here want to get as big as possible in as short as time as possible(no flame intended, ive been there too!!) its interesting to know that ther are other les exessive possibilities.
    Im personally on my second cycle and im keeping the doses low as I want to see how my body reacts. I know that the first and second cycles are supposed to be the most important but I freak sometimes at the amounts some people put into their bodies. These, lower doses have worked for me. Sure i'm no Arnie, and I could never hope to be a Yates! but I have a muscular body and I have maintained to the most part what I put on. Im 34 years old, and have been training a long time and consider myself of decent and satisfactory size and strength( although you can never be 100pc satisfied!!) and yes I do wonder when I look at some of the board member photos how they can justify such large cycles when the gains are obviously not evident. I know im gonna get critisized for this post but its just an opinion. It upsets me to see 17 year olds asking advice on their first cycle, and even though they get discouraged, you know theyre gonna do it anyway. People should wait 10, hell even 15 years before considering going on the gear! I do see a trend that jumping on the steroid bandwagon is the only way to gain size, when the basic train eat sleep principles are put by the wayside.
    Just my 2c

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    Nice article

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    Here is a follow up from the same site:

    Europe's steroid guru is here...
    be afraid, be very afraid

    By Brian Batcheldor
    Constructing a steroid cycle

    Part I—What kind of cycle?
    A good percentage of the emails I get have to do with steroid cycles: which drugs, how much, and how often? Rather than answer these questions over and over again, I've decided to write a four-part article that will help the average athlete plot his steroid course and avoid many of the pitfalls that would otherwise await him.

    Before deciding what kind of cycle to follow, you have to define your objectives. Most steroid users will fit into one of four categories:

    1) Recreational user type A: Basically, he embodies every insult leveled at bodybuilders by the public. We deny his existence to the media because he has become the single biggest argument for keeping steroid use illegal. He is the prize jerk who calls himself a bodybuilder but whose image problem will always prevent him from competing. This never fails to prevent him from telling everyone how he would have won this or that show had he competed. His only quest in life is to gain bodyweight, and even this goal is subject to wild exaggerations, as he usually bullshits anyone within earshot. He has made obnoxiousness an Olympic event and loves to vent the only part of his body with a cut in it—his mouth—on the bulletin boards. He is addicted to abuse.

    2) Recreational user type B: This guy just wants to be in shape—he has no real aspirations of competing. He is usually realistic and sensible when it comes to compromising his health. His use is purely image-based, and he is part of the population sector that has made Viagra, male contraceptive injections, and testosterone and GH therapy acceptable. He is, therefore, perhaps the only acceptable argument for legalizing steroids .

    3) Competitive athlete type A: This type encompasses a broad spectrum, from the amateur competitive bodybuilder to the professional football player. His restraint is governed by his finances, recognition of his genetic potential, drug testing, or simply that he may not need Herculean mass for his particular discipline. He or she usually has a fair degree of common sense.

    4) Competitive athlete type B: This could be anyone from a pro bodybuilder, wrestler, or world-class powerlifter, to a World's Strongest Man competitor. His risks could be deemed justifiable, as his physical strength is directly correlated to his income. On the other hand, there are still a few who have lost touch with reality and are in Kamikaze mode.
    The best way to help those that belong in category 1 is to give them each a vial of insulin and a 5-ml syringe and tell them to go play. Those in category 4 represent such a minority that they would benefit most from personal consultation, as it would be massively irresponsible to print anything that was aimed at them. Therefore, the next three articles will be aimed at categories 2 and 3.

    Without exception, short cycles are the way to go for those in categories 2 and 3. Short cycles will help the athlete to avoid negative feedback inhibition, minimize risks to the liver, keep any potential side effects (e.g. acne, hair loss, hirsuitism, sex drive fluctuations, increased blood pressure, or irritability) to a minimum, make any disruption reversible, and keep the body responsive, even while off steroids. Our cycle will have to take into account the half-lives of each product to make sure that when you're off, you're really off. In other words, short-acting injectables will be used most of the time so as to allow clearance at the end of the cycle. It may, however, be possible to use long-acting injectables at the start of a cycle, switching over shortly afterwards.

    Also, for most cycles, you will want to avoid orals so as to keep side effects to a minimum. As Dr. James Wright noted in his "Anabolic Steroids and Sports" book, most studies show that antigonadotropic effects start to appear after around 14-20 days of use. More recent studies have backed this up, even when low doses (100 mg per week) of testosterone were administered.

    Non-aromatizable steroids seem to take longer to exert their antigonadotropic effects. Of course, when these effects do take place, and especially when using some of the more anabolic non-aromatizables, it's even more undesirable because almost no androgens are being produced. To be honest, endogenous suppression is almost impossible to avoid. But with the use of short, sensible dose regimens with accompanying preventative drugs, it is possible to keep suppression to a minimum.

    For the reasons given above, I have found the following pattern of use to be the most effective:

    Three weeks on, one week off.
    Two weeks on, three weeks off.

    After a total of nine weeks, and depending on competition and/or goals, in general, the cycle can be repeated again. I know that it seems a little weird, but trust me, it works. This kind of cycling has yielded mind-boggling results with world-class athletes.

    I'll cover drug choices and dosages in my next "S-Files" installment.

    Q: I read an article about cycling two weeks on with short-acting injectables and then taking four weeks off. What are your thoughts on this type of cycle? Do you think that it could be the best way to keep gains?

    A: Obviously, much depends on what class of athlete that you're talking about. An Olympia competitor has to be in reasonable shape for most of the year if he plans on making a living from his sport and, therefore, his pattern of use will entail substantially more risk than anybody else could justify. For the average user, these short cycles make sense as, in most cases, the athlete stops using the drugs before endogenous production is dramatically affected.

    In the above example, your body is given four weeks to correct any residual feedback problems that may have occurred. The use of short-acting injectables (where half-lives have been taken into account) will mean that off is genuinely off and should translate to less liver stress, among other things. This regular short pattern of use should result in fair gains to the recreational user or the athlete who is subject to random testing, especially if the "off" period is used constructively and other agents are then used.

    Variations of this cycle include:

    • Three weeks on, one week off.
    • Four weeks on, two weeks off.
    • Five weeks on, three weeks off.

    Once again, with slightly longer cycles, the risks become amplified. But this may be justifiable if the athlete is one more rung up on the ladder than the recreational user previously described. The four- and five-week cycles also permit long-acting injectables to be figured into the equation, provided that they are used at the beginning and there's no testing involved.

    Combinations of the various cycles can be employed where an athlete has a series of competitions, like that generally practiced by a track and field athlete during the competitive season. Gains and risks go hand in hand, and these things need to be taken into consideration when you plan your cycle. I can, however, tell you that some of the strongest athletes in the world and some of the world's greatest track and field competitors have used cycles like the ones listed above to great effects, and they should be more than adequate for you, unless you're a pro bodybuilder or competitive strength athlete.

    The same author also answers some Q&A about short cycles here.

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    nice info WARRIOR

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