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    Need Help With This??

    Ok I am about to start my second cycle (1st was test only at 500mg wk for 6 wks----gained 35lbs!) and I would like everybody to critic this for me. Here is my cycle:

    1-25 or 30days : DBOL (Ref- B tabs) at 50mgs a day

    1-10wks : Test enth (QV) at 750mgs a wk

    Clomid and Nolvadex on hand

    Ok, 1st let me tell you that I am taking QV and I heard a lot of good and bad stuff about it. One question is: Can I take the 750mg in one day (like every Sunday) or will it be painful (because I heard that QV can get painful----got 10ml bottles) and I would need to split it up?? I think that the test only cycle will be good for me since I had excellent gains on my first cycle. So whatcha think??

    P.S. I'm 20, 175lbs, 5'8''.

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    You can do all of your shots in one day and in one needle - but that's 3 cc's of fluid you'd be fillin yourself with. If that were me runnin that cycle, I'd shoot 1 1/2 cc two times a week.

    Then again, if you gained 35 lbs on your first cycle of 500 mg's a week, you could also do 500 mg's again and see where that gets you. Just because you've done it already doesn't necessarily mean you have to increase.

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