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    What i have learned so far

    Thought i would post some information, this is all based on my personal experince and trail and error( i feel like i wasted most of last year experimenting). Here is number one thing i have figured out about gear and gaining.... KISS - Keep it simple, basic cycles, with basic eating and hard training yeild the best results. I have tried all kinds of complicated cycles, but frankly my best resutls have been simple cycles:

    Bulking = good anogren base: (test is best) - figure out what dose works for you, but see no need to ever go over 1000-1200mg week. Then pick one anabolic - I like deca , however, EQ or something is also fine, take it at moderate dose. Then if you want cycle in d-ball or drol for 4-5 weeks at a time with same amount of time off.

    Cutting yes you need to up total mg's used few more anabolic type drugs and anti-estrogens, but again simple is BEST

    Diet same deal = EAT all the real food you can! Don't relay on shakes and MRP's, eat simple foods, meat and potato's/rice, when dieting eat the same foods, just cut carbs back some.

    I posted this because i been reading all kinds of crazy ass cycles, franky waste of time, keep in simple, base on your current goals!

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    Good post bro.

    IMO diet and traning is the most important. Know this and the gear will help you get an edge.

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    Bump good post silver

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    Well put, I agree 100% with everything you said. BumP

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    I follow that myself..right to a tee!

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