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    Antiestrogen Question?

    Im about to startan Eq, test, tren cycle. I have no nolvadex on hand but i do have proviron . Is the proviron strong enough if i were to see symptoms?

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    IMO (depending on how prone you are to Gyno), Proviron is not quite as effective as Nolv. Most guys I know use Proviron post cycle to help with raising test levels. Why not try some armidex? I mean Nolv is cheaper, and I woudl have some on hand just in case. Just my opinion...
    Also you didn't mention at what kind of MG's you will be doing. Chances are you may need any anti esters, but as stated before, it is always good to have some just in case.

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    Isn't Proviron more effective DURING a cycle w/Test? Running it after the second or third week into the test.

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    Why not run Proviron and Nolva together... Still alot cheaper then Armidex and at 50mg Proviron will also add to your gains and help harden you up...

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