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Thread: stopping cycle

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    stopping cycle

    I am a week into my test prop./winny cycle. I was going to run it for 6 weeks, but am stopping it after one b/c I cannot handle the pain. With the everday injections my whole body is sore, and I look like the walking wounded all day and night. I was running 100mg. prop/day and 50mg.winny/day...I was already looking hard as hell after just one week, but made me feel to shitty. Should I take my clomid still after only one week of use? Did I shut down my test.? Also, I have some clen and nolva...could I take them with the clomid to burn some fat. I know the clen will, but will nolva help any? Thanks bros...all help appreciated


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    one week is not long enough to shut down your test. Gear usually takes at least a week, if not two, to get into system so you can actually see results. I am on a deca /dBOL /prop cycle and after my first week, I didnt see much results, now after 3 weeks i am up 15 lbs
    i dont think you need to worry as prop is fast test and it will be out of ur system before you know.
    If I were you, I wouldn't worry, but if you want to keep using it, shoot with 23G 1" needle - my first shot was very painful, but over the weeks, now i barely feel any pain, now I shoot deca and prop together (different needles)

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