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    Question to use or not to use liquidex?

    im about to start a cycle of dbol deca and sust. ive had so many mixed reviews as to use liquidex or not. i know it reduces water retention but isnt this water that builds in your joints and such needed in order to protect yourself in the first place. furthermore, how much water am i going to retain i dont want to look like a hippo?

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    Personally, if you have the money, uese it. Besides the reduction(not prevention) in water retension, the anti-e benefites can not be ignored.

    On dbol /deca /sust I think your bloat will be suffecient and recognizable. The use of Liquidex will not rid you of all your water so joints should be fine as long as your not trying to throw up 100Lbs more on bench 2wks into your cycle. Start MSM and glucosamine before your cycle and joints should not be a factor unless problems already exist.

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    I agree with Pheedno on this one..spend the cash the anti-e and lower water retention affects are worth the money. Glusosamine works well for me aswell and have used it with great success but it takes time to really reap the rewards. I start to notice it after a month or so.

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