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    need help on first cycle please

    Quick background, been lifting naturally since I was about 15 (I'm now 41) and in very good shape. 6'3" 210 and probably 8% bodyfat. Extremely knowledgable on nutrition and lifting but new to AS. Goal would be from this cycle to put on and keep about 10 lbs. of quality muscle. Done some research but would really appreciate some advice from you guys. This is all of what I could get, can I get a decent cycle out of this for the first time and how should I allocate it? I have 9 200 mg. vials of deca and 1 200 mg. (multiple dose vial) of test cypionate . Any feedback greatly appreciated.

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    Forgot to mention I have clomid for post cycle and I'm pretty clear on that. Have 48 pills and will star a couple of weeks after (300, then 100, then 50mg on last 10 days).

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    With what you've got there, maybe look into something like:

    1-9 200mgs Deca
    1-10 400mgs Cyp
    2 wks after last Cyp inject, start Clomid


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