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    Nov 2002

    Question can anyone help? question about a stack.

    I wanted to know if this was a good stack and if these mixed well:

    weeks 1-10 Test 250 (QV) and Equipoise 200mg (ttokkyo)
    weeks 3-9 Anadrol 50
    weeks 11-12 deca
    weeks 13-14 winstrol
    then finish it off with clomid (10-14 days)

    and also, i have a hard time fallin asleep on anadrol because my heart pumps so hard and i get all freaked there something i can take to help me fall asleep w/o interacting with the roids? and how can u tell if ur body can't handle anadrol, because i heard ppl die from it?

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    Aug 2002
    What are you trying to accomplish? Cutting or bulking?
    Generally, anadrol is run at the start of a cycle, to kickstart things while you are waiting for the longer acting esters to kick in. You generally run it no more than 4 weeks, not 7. Deca is a long acting ester, taking it for two weeks is a waste. Then you follow it with 2 weeks of winny. Why?
    People don't die from anadrol, doctors prescribe it for anemia. Some people have developed liver cancer after being on it for years at high doses (over 150mg/day). Anadrol can raise your blood pressure, which may be the pounding. Did you get bloated with the anadrol? That can raise blood pressure. All in all, I think you need to study more. I think this cycle sucks.
    Give us some stats and prior roid usage. What are your goals here?
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    Im with mastiff, I think that cycle sucks bro.

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    WO cowboy! Mastiff you save lives. I have a few BB friends that like the drol and do 4 and out but I'd never touch it.

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    Nov 2002
    I've been on roids for about 3 years, but the only stack i've ever done is test and winny, so i really dont know much about stacking. the 2 shots of deca and 2 shots of winny were given to me for free and was told its good to switch to milder stuff after a stack, but if it's a waste then i wont bother. I was wrong about the time frame of anadrol it was 4 weeks, sorry bout that. and yeah i get bloated from there something i can take to help that? I am tryin to bulk up so if I mixed the test, eq, and anadrol all together would that be okay?

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    IMO drop the deca and anadrol completely.

    run the TEST and EQ 12 wks (600/400 respectively)
    run the winny wks 8-12
    then the clomid

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    The Rink!!
    what is deca for 1 week going to do? I am with ripped on this one..stick with test based cycle with eq and winny. ditch the deca and anadrol and use clomid post cycle. Get some anti-e's just to have on hand as well for gyno sides.

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    yea i am with ripped on this one!

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