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    Cheque drops.. (Mibolerone )

    hmm, any ideas on cheque drops also known as Mibolerone ?

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    Good luck finding some is all I'd say.

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    Cheque Drops haven't been around for awhile, so unless you have some sort of access to them, like nj said, good luck finding them. Back to your question, though; Cheque Drops, IMO, are good for nothing really. If I had to compare them to another AAS, I'd compare it to methyltest. Cheque Drops cause an almost immediate increase in test levels, causing almost instant aggression. This symptom is, again, IMO, good mainkly for powerlifters who may need that aggression to bust ass in a competition or something. They may be okay to have around for those days that you just dont feel like going to the gym. Throw some liquid down your throat, and possibly get some motivation to get up and hit the gym good and hard. Its pretty toxic to your system, too.

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    actually nj its not that hard to find them but why the hell would u want to take them ,they are used to keep female dogs ouuta heat ,theyare highly toxic ,i would never take them .id say lot worse the general

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